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[texts]Recipe Manual
Picture Recipe Manual draft copy, produced under grant
Keywords: Daily Living
Downloads: 327
[texts]Techniques for Daily Living Curriculum Guides Developed by Child Care Staff - Illinois Braille and Sight Saving School
Workshop, Jacksonville, Illinois, August 10 through 28, 1970.
Keywords: Daily Living
Downloads: 186
[movies]Why Back Support is Important
Back support is essential for all ages. With the availability of modern Daily Living Aids, finding the correct support is an easy task.
Keywords: Daily Living Aids
Downloads: 267
[texts]Why Back Support is Important
Back support is essential for all ages. With the availability of modern Daily Living Aids, finding the correct support is an easy task.
Keywords: Daily Living Aids
Downloads: 8
[texts]Why Back Support is Important
Back support is essential for all ages. With the availability of Daily Living Aids , finding the correct support is an easy task.
Keywords: Daily Living Aids
Downloads: 5
[texts]Parents' Problems with Exceptional Children - Elise H. Martens
Bulletin, 1932, No. 14
Keywords: Daily Living and Social Interaction
Downloads: 22
[texts]Techniques of Daily Living
An outline developed by the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children
Keywords: Daily Living and Social Interaction
Downloads: 67
[texts]Techniques for Eating : A Guide for Blind Persons - Lloyd C. Widerberg and Ruth Kaarlela
This manual suggests techniques which blind persons can develop to overcome the difficulties with eating which are caused by loss of sight.
Keywords: Daily Living and Social Interaction
Downloads: 229
[texts]I Wanna Do It Myself - Carol Gimbel, Karen Shane

Keywords: Daily Living and Social Interaction
Downloads: 19
[texts]Manual of Program Instruction in Kitchen Skills for the Visually Impaired Homemaker - Home Service Staff
Compiled February 1973, Revised March 1974 and August 1976
Keywords: Daily Living and Social Interaction
Downloads: 127
[texts]Rehabilitation of the Physically Handicapped in Homemaking Activities : Proceedings of a Workshop - Home Economics Association
Highland Park, Illinois, January 27-30, 1963
Keywords: Daily Living and Social Interaction
Downloads: 68
[texts]Plastische Arbeiten Blinder - Ludwig Munz, Viktor Lowenfeld

Keywords: Daily Living and Social Interaction
Downloads: 31
[texts]Children and Youth with Severe Handicaps : Effective Communication, A Symposium
August 19-21, 1985
Keywords: Daily Living and Social Interaction
Downloads: 31
[texts]Fine Willow Basketry - A. G. Knock

Keywords: Daily Living and Social Interaction
Downloads: 548
[audio]13. Aug 26 2012 Ministry 2 - Mike Winnett
PROVERBS Chapters 23 to 25
Keywords: Wisdom of Solomon; wisdom for life; Proverbs for daily living
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED378724: A Bibliography of Materials on Behavior Management in the Home and Community. - ERIC
This brief bibliography lists 26 resource materials for managing behavior problems in the home and community. Suggested resources were published between 1985 and 1993 and cover such topics as general behavior management, self-injury, food and behavior, functional communication training, impulsivity, alternatives to punishment, anger, and preventing antisocial behavior. A listing of 21 publishers with addresses and phone numbers is also provided...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Behavior Change; Behavior Modification; Behavior Problems; Daily Living Skills; Family Problems; Intervention; Resource Materials
[texts]ERIC ED376324: "Ends Don't Always Meet." 353 Project Final Report. - ERIC
A project was conducted to teach family financial management to a class of adult basic education (ABE) students. Materials on budgeting were provided, and students had to prepare budgets based on various fictitious situations described. After 2 weeks, changes in their situations were introduced so that they had to alter their budgets accordingly. The project showed that ABE students, especially those from low-income families, had little knowledge of budgeting...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Basic Education; Budgeting; Daily Living Skills; Family Financial Resources; Lesson Plans; Money Management
[texts]Code of health of the School of Salernum : translated into English verse, with an introduction, notes and appendix - Ordronaux, John, 1830-1908
Latin and English versions on facing pages
Keywords: Nutritional Physiological Phenomena; Dietetics; Activities of Daily Living; Hygiene; Hygiene; Dietetics
Downloads: 326
[texts]ERIC ED389846: Caring for the Caregiver. A Guide to Living with Alzheimer's Disease. - ERIC
This book is designed to take caregivers through the basics of patient care and to give them the information needed to guide them through the medical, legal, and financial issues that accompany Alzheimer's disease. The seven chapters of the book cover the following topics: understanding Alzheimer's; caring for a caregiver; medical update; finances and the law; home safety; day-to-day living; support to ease the burden; and the patient profile (pages for the caregiver to write in pertinent facts ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Alzheimers Disease; Caregiver Role; Caregivers; Coping; Daily Living Skills; Helping Relationship; Older Adults; Social Support Groups
[texts]ERIC ED372308: Educational Resource Manual for Baccalaureate Social Work Field Instruction in Gerontology. - ERIC
This manual was designed to aid undergraduate social work students working in a model field-site program for gerontological social work education. It is based on work completed on an Administration on Aging project in Texas entitled, "A Statewide Faculty Development Program for Undergraduate Social Work Educators in Elder Care." The project's primary goal was to increase the number of social workers with the knowledge and skills needed to work with older persons, especially poor, frail, or minor...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aging Education; Aging (Individuals); Daily Living Skills; Educational Gerontology; Frail Elderly; Geriatrics; Gerontology; Higher Education; Older Adults
[texts]ERIC ED377013: Attention Deficit Disorder in Children and Adults: Strategies for Experiential Educators. - ERIC
Current research suggests that 5 percent of American children are affected by attention deficit disorder (ADD) and as many as 70 percent of them do not grow out of it in adolescence or adulthood. This paper aims to help outdoor and experiential educators understand how a person with ADD thinks and feels, and offers strategies for positively impacting behavior and social and emotional growth of students with ADD...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Attention Deficit Disorders; Coping; Daily Living Skills; Experiential Learning; Outdoor Education; Self Esteem; Teacher Student Relationship; Teaching Methods
[texts]ERIC ED387736: Life Skills Training for Foster Care Youth. - ERIC
This study examines a non-profit foster care program's ability to teach youths ages 14 to 21 independent living skills. The agency, located in the northeastern United States, near a major urban area, did not have a successful transition of its youth to a Supervised Independent Living Program (SILP), which provides young men and women the opportunity to live in pre-independent apartments, experience "the real world" while receiving supervision, counseling, and life skills training...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Children; Daily Living Skills; Foster Care; Foster Children; Residential Institutions; Residential Programs; Youth; Youth Agencies; Youth Employment; Youth Programs
[texts]ERIC ED388226: Multimedia Training Systems for the Elderly and the Impaired. - ERIC
Application of Computer-based systems to Training in Information Technology (ACT-IT, a project by a consortium of partners in the United Kingdom and the Irish Republic, is part of the TIDE program, an initiative of the European Community (EC) to make information technology more accessible to disabled and elderly people. This paper outlines the work of the ACT-IT project and highlights certain aspects of it...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Authoring Aids (Programming); Computer Literacy; Courseware; Daily Living Skills; Disabilities; Educational Environment; Foreign Countries; Information Technology; Instructional Systems; Multimedia Instruction; Older Adults
[texts]ERIC ED370068: Effective Coping Strategies Employed in African-American Relationships. - ERIC
Living in a society that is quick to label and condemn, has been, and continues to be a source of pain for African-Americans. However, society's microscope has for sometime had a one dimensional lens, particularly when examining the coping styles of African-American male-female relationships within the African-American family. There exists a great need to study African-American relationships, but it is necessary to point out the strengths in these relationships instead of focusing and magnifying...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adjustment (to Environment); Black Culture; Black Family; Blacks; Coping; Cultural Influences; Daily Living Skills; Family Relationship; Interpersonal Relationship; Life Events; Sex Differences; Sociocultural Patterns; Stress Management
[texts]ERIC ED383432: Children's Coping with Everyday Stressful Situations: The Role Played by Religion. - ERIC
A study investigated children's use of religion in coping with everyday stressful situations, and the role played by religious involvement. A parent-report questionnaire assessed children's religious involvement. Interviews with 76 fourth- and fifth-graders first identified a recently-experienced daily hassle, and then assessed the child's appraisal of the stressor, and the coping strategies each child used...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Beliefs; Childhood Attitudes; Church Role; Churches; Coping; Cultural Influences; Daily Living Skills; Elementary Education; Elementary School Students; Parents; Religious Factors; Social Support Groups; Stress Management
[texts]ERIC ED384264: From the Roots. Materials Developed at the Literacy Workers' Alliance of Manitoba's Summer Institute 1990. - ERIC
Literacy instruction materials developed by literacy workers are presented. Most of the materials are intended for a variety of student proficiency levels; one is intended for teachers. The first four sets, all illustrated with photographs, include a story about playing the lottery, the description of a shopping trip for jeans and shoes, a narrative about a trip to a bank to open an account (banking forms are illustrated here), and exercises in describing pictures and personal experiences in wri...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Banking; Daily Living Skills; Foreign Countries; Independent Reading; Instructional Materials; Language Usage; Literacy Education; Paragraph Composition; Reading Instruction; Syntax; Teacher Developed Materials; Writing Instruction
[texts]ERIC ED384843: The "ID" in Me. Project SEED. - ERIC
This curriculum guide shows how to develop a cooperative learning, interdisciplinary unit on self-esteem, coping skills, and healthy lifestyles. It offers teachers, using a team-teaching approach, instructions and activities for helping children to become successful in life. The emphasis is on cooperative learning methods. The matrix of lesson plans utilize basal texts, children's literature, library research, manipulatives, audiovisual materials, learning centers, guest speakers, music, art, dr...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Children; Cooperative Learning; Curriculum Development; Curriculum Guides; Daily Living Skills; Elementary Education; Emotional Development; Friendship; Interpersonal Competence; Lesson Plans; Mental Health; Physical Health; Self Esteem; Socialization
[texts]ERIC ED384257: Project Work English Competency-Based Curriculum: Survival-Level One. - ERIC
This guide outlines a curriculum designed to provide English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) life-skills instruction for refugees in the Chicago metropolitan area, concentrating on the Level One survival skills. Non-Southeast Asians account for more than half of those served, all of whom receive, or are at risk of receiving, public assistance. Most are aged 25-40 years, and two-thirds have been in the United States for longer than 6 months...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Check Lists; Competency Based Education; Curriculum Guides; Daily Living Skills; English (Second Language); Job Skills; Needs Assessment; Refugees; Student Needs; Vocational English (Second Language)
[texts]ERIC ED389146: Using Scripts To Facilitate Communication of Children with Hearing Impairment. - ERIC
This paper discusses the oral and written communication demands of school on children with hearing loss from a script viewpoint, which emphasizes describing the role of actors, actions, props, routines, and possible variations of a given event. The paper first distinguishes among the schema, the script, and the routine. It also considers the role of the parent, teacher, speech-language pathologist, and other special educators in helping children with hearing impairments to develop strong scripts...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Classroom Communication; Classroom Techniques; Communication Skills; Daily Living Skills; Elementary Education; Hearing Impairments; Interpersonal Communication; Interpersonal Competence; Language Acquisition; Preschool Education; Skill Development; Teaching Methods
[texts]ERIC ED385780: Not Just a Number: Critical Numeracy for Adults. ERIC Digest No. 163. - ERIC
Emerging perspectives on numeracy and their social, cultural, and political implications provide a context for new ways of thinking about adult numeracy instruction. Beyond daily living skills, numeracy is now being defined as knowledge that empowers citizens for life in their particular society. Thus, numeracy has economic, social, and political consequences for individuals, organizations, and society...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Basic Education; Adult Learning; Basic Skills; Daily Living Skills; Educational Philosophy; Educational Theories; Mathematics Anxiety; Mathematics Instruction; Numeracy; Political Influences; Socioeconomic Influences; Teaching Methods
[texts]ERIC ED374640: Life Skills across the Curriculum: Program Description. - ERIC
The program of instruction described in this monograph is intended to help prepare high school students with educable mental retardation or perceptual/neurological impairments with basic skills necessary for employment success. The focus of instruction is on practical living skills, with group and individual instruction in such areas as taxes, banking, applications and forms, computer data entry, driver's education, want ads, job interviews, work attitudes and habits, use of tools, time clocks, ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Curriculum; Daily Living Skills; Field Trips; High School Students; High Schools; Mild Disabilities; Mild Mental Retardation; Multisensory Learning; Neurological Impairments; Perceptual Impairments; Prevocational Education; Vocational Evaluation
[texts]ERIC ED376735: Peace Corps Language Training Curriculum. - ERIC
This competency-based curriculum in foreign language learning for Peace Corps volunteers is designed for beginning learners and stresses listening and speaking skills. The curriculum contains the following components: an initial Scope and Sequence chart; three sections on activities (General, Grammar, and Listening), 14 topic area units (the core of the curriculum), and a "Sample Format for the Language Curriculum" showing a possible format for students learning English in order to live in the U...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Education; Classroom Techniques; Competency Based Education; Cultural Literacy; Daily Living Skills; Learning Activities; Listening Skills; Second Language Learning; Speech Communication; Teaching Methods
[texts]ERIC ED376334: Counseling and Life-Coping Workshops for Unemployed Workers. - ERIC
This document consists of the final report and booklet developed by a project that provided individual counseling and life-coping skills workshops to recently unemployed workers lacking basic educational skills. The final report describes how individuals recruited at Philadelphia unemployment offices attended group workshop sessions where they received information on benefits available to unemployed persons, resume writing, and job search strategies...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Basic Education; Coping; Daily Living Skills; Educational Counseling; Individual Counseling; Job Search Methods; Low Income; Poverty Programs; Resumes (Personal); State Programs; Unemployment; Welfare Services; Workshops
[texts]ERIC ED376341: FOCUS on Excellence. Final Report, FY 1993-1994. - ERIC
This final report describes a staff development project designed to provide for the effective and statewide dissemination of significant current or previous Section 353 special demonstration projects in Pennsylvania. A panel of 8 literacy experts reviewed 65 special projects funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Education's Bureau of Adult Basic and Literacy Education in fiscal years 1992 and 1993, including projects in the areas of counseling, workplace literacy, family literacy, special pop...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Literacy; Basic Skills; Counseling; Curriculum Development; Daily Living Skills; Demonstration Programs; English (Second Language); Information Dissemination; Literacy Education; Program Improvement; Staff Development; Training; Tutors
[texts]ERIC ED376272: Career Education for Teen Parents. ERIC Digest No. 148. - ERIC
The demographic characteristics of teenaged parents reveal a majority who are aged 18-21, live in poverty, have dropped out of school, and are unemployed and unmarried. Their potential for high school graduation is often dependent upon their support network and life course adaptation. Employment patterns of teen parents show high unemployment and sporadic history for both sides. Given the educational, social, economic, and employment histories common among teenaged parents, career development is...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adolescents; Career Development; Career Education; Daily Living Skills; Early Parenthood; Employment Potential; Employment Programs; Job Skills; Job Training; Needs Assessment; Youth Programs
[texts]ERIC ED374688: ELM Branches Out! A Language and Life Skill Competency Based Curriculum Integrated with MELT Competencies. - ERIC
An adult education curriculum integrating language and life skills instruction for students of English as a Second Language, based on the English Language Matrix (ELM) model, is presented. The curriculum is designed to meet the adult language learner's life competency needs, integrating communicative language skills of listening, interpreting nonverbal language, speaking, reading, and writing, while adjusting to individual learning styles and communicative needs...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Basic Education; Competency Based Education; Curriculum Design; Daily Living Skills; English (Second Language); Grammar; Language Proficiency; Literacy Education; Second Language Instruction
[texts]ERIC ED363020: PMSP: A Program To Develop Perceptive-Motor Skills in Adolescents and Adults with Mental Retardation. - ERIC
This monograph describes the Perceptive Motor Skills Program (PMSP) being used with adolescents and adults having mental retardation in Catalonia, Spain. The program is based on the following principles: chronologically age appropriate activities; use of daily living tools; multiple objectives and working materials; and balance between individualized services and group experiences. In the first section of the report, the different services provided individuals with mental retardation in Cataloni...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adolescents; Adults; Daily Living Skills; Foreign Countries; Instructional Materials; Mental Retardation; Perceptual Development; Program Development; Psychomotor Skills; Rehabilitation; Student Evaluation; Training Methods
[texts]ERIC ED363063: Learning To Be Independent and Responsible. Functional Programming for People with Autism: A Series. - ERIC
Children with autism cannot be taught independent and responsible behavior in the way that most "sociable" children are taught, due to their deficits in social interaction and communication. Children with autism must first build trust in order to feel secure and to be able to concentrate on learning new skills and behaviors. Environmental supports needed by the child with autism may include structured, predictable environments and controlled stimuli...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Autism; Basic Skills; Classroom Techniques; Daily Living Skills; Elementary Secondary Education; Independent Living; Normalization (Disabilities); Personal Autonomy; Responsibility; Skill Development; Student Responsibility; Teaching Methods
[movies]daily living routine show Impression PARODY accents
daily living routine show Impression PARODY accents characters multiple personality investigative journalism Commentary narration Commentation Me doing The craziest and funniest
Keywords: daily living routine show Impression PARODY accents characters multiple personality investigative journalism Commentary narration Commentation Me doing The craziest and funniest
Downloads: 84
[texts]ERIC ED381723: Adolescent Living Skills. Final Report, FFY 1994. - ERIC
This publication summarizes a state program for youth in substitute care. The report includes a description of county, private agency, and state staff efforts; program expenditures; a description of youth served and how they were helped in the transition from foster care to independent living; and recommendations for the coming year. The central program for youth in substitute care is entitled Support for Emancipation and Living Functionally (SELF)--a State-supervised, county-implemented approac...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adolescents; Child Welfare; Daily Living Skills; Disadvantaged Youth; Foster Care; Foster Children; Independent Living; Job Skills; Secondary Education; Self Care Skills; Youth Programs
[texts]ERIC ED381914: Better Than Toys: Real Life Skill Development. - ERIC
In educating children with disabilities, training for independence should begin early, and the "technology" may be very simple. This paper lists activities designed to increase gross, fine motor, cognitive, and eye-hand coordination skills needed for independent living. It encourages caregivers to engage young children in active learning experiences that help children begin to master their environment, by having them acquire life skills such as those preliminary to cooking, cleaning, and table s...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Active Learning; Basic Skills; Check Lists; Cognitive Development; Daily Living Skills; Disabilities; Early Childhood Education; Experiential Learning; Motor Development; Psychomotor Skills; Skill Development; Student Educational Objectives
[texts]ERIC ED381724: Does Anybody Care? Title IV-E-IL: Adolescent Living Skills: SELF Program, Evaluation Report. - ERIC
This evaluation reports on a state program for foster care youth. Entitled the Support for Emancipation and Living Functionally (SELF), it is a county-implemented approach which seeks to develop and conduct services so as to help older adolescents who have been in substitute care prepare for the transition to independent living. The program was assessed through interviews with SELF Program coordinators and by quantitative measures...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adolescents; Child Welfare; Daily Living Skills; Disadvantaged Youth; Foster Care; Foster Children; Independent Living; Job Skills; Program Evaluation; Secondary Education; Self Care Skills; Youth Programs
[texts]ERIC ED383879: Older Adults' Needs and Usage of Numerical Skills in Everyday Life. - ERIC
A study explored what numerical skills older adults most commonly used in everyday life and pointed at which new numerical skills older people need to acquire. it also ascertained whether any areas were causing difficulties and explored coping strategies. An analysis of approaches to defining numerical skills in everyday life and to assessing adults' abilities demonstrated that a range of different assumptions underlay these approaches...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Education; Basic Skills; Coping; Daily Living Skills; Educational Needs; Foreign Countries; Lifelong Learning; Needs Assessment; Numeracy; Older Adults
[texts]ERIC ED384217: Guia para su incorporacion a los Estados Unidos de America (A Guide to Resettlement in the United States. Spanish). - ERIC
This resettlement guide, entirely in Spanish, describes the initial stage of resettlement and the processes that refugees undergo as new arrivals. Subjects covered in this guide include pre-arrival procedures, admissions criteria, immigrant's statement of understanding, travel costs and U.S. Customs; resettlement procedures, immigrants' responsibilities, financial aid and sponsors; refugee status, permanent resident status and citizenship status; cultural adjustment; types of employment in the U...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Acculturation; Adjustment (to Environment); Compensation (Remuneration); Daily Living Skills; Immigrants; Interpersonal Communication; Land Settlement; Occupational Mobility; Refugees; Religion; Social Services; Spanish Speaking
[texts]ERIC ED385967: Teaching Preschoolers To Avoid Abduction by Strangers: Evaluation of Maintenance Strategies. Final Report. - ERIC
This report describes a project to teach young children strategies to resist the lures of strangers and to produce and disseminate a training manual for teachers in mainstreamed preschool classes. Project activities and accomplishments of the project are described. The project involved a study of 47 children (ages 3 and 4), 6 of whom had developmental delays or disabilities, in three inner-city Head Start classrooms...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Crime Prevention; Daily Living Skills; Developmental Delays; Maintenance; Material Development; Preschool Children; Preschool Curriculum; Preschool Education; Safety Education; Skill Development; Social Behavior; Stranger Reactions; Teaching Guides
[texts]ERIC ED361529: Consumer Economics and Consumer Mathematics Textbooks. - ERIC
This publication lists a selection of consumer economics and consumer mathematics textbooks available for review from the National Institute for Consumer Education. Twenty-six textbooks for the secondary level are cited. Nine advanced level texts are also listed. These texts are generally considered college level texts but could be adapted for advanced high school classes. Author, title, edition, publisher, place of publication, year of publication, and Library of Congress classification number ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Civil Law; Consumer Economics; Consumer Education; Consumer Protection; Daily Living Skills; Decision Making Skills; Higher Education; Mathematics Skills; Money Management; Planning; Resource Allocation; Secondary Education; Textbooks
[texts]ERIC ED364054: Principios de Nutricion y Alimentacion del Adolescente (Para Estudiantes con Impedimentos Leves y Moderados). Guia Curricular para el Curso Documento de Trabajar. Principles of Nutrition and Food for the Adolescent (For Students with Light and Moderate Disabilities. Course Curriculum Guide. Working Document). - ERIC
This curriculum guide, in Spanish, consists of a compilation of concepts, activities, and skills for the student with disabilities who receives services from the special education programs of Puerto Rico. Lesson plans cover the basic principles of nutrition, food handling, and food preparation for adolescents. The following units are presented with concepts, suggested activities, and skills in the following areas: (1) basic nutrition principles; (2) basic food groups; (3) daily nutritional requi...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adolescents; Cooking Instruction; Curriculum Guides; Daily Living Skills; Disabilities; Educational Objectives; Elementary Secondary Education; Foods Instruction; Nutrition; Nutrition Instruction; Special Education
[texts]ERIC ED361116: Skills for Living: The Requirement of the 90s. - ERIC
Children require a variety of skills to cope with the stresses of growth and development, including the ability to think independently, to make choices, to solve problems effectively, to communicate clearly, to develop and maintain high self-esteem, and to prevent injurious events. These life skills are best learned through curriculum-centered instruction from the pre-kindergarten through high school level, using an integrated developmental approach...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adolescents; At Risk Persons; Children; Coping; Daily Living Skills; Decision Making Skills; Elementary Secondary Education; Integrated Curriculum; Interpersonal Competence; Preschool Education; Self Esteem
[texts]ERIC ED364053: Costura Basica (Principios Basicos para el Estudiante con Impedimentos Leves y Moderados) Documento de Trabajo Guia Curricular para el Curso. Basic Sewing (Basic Principles for the Student with Light and Moderate Disabilities. Course Curriculum Guide. Working Document). - ERIC
This guide has been prepared by the Puerto Rico Department of Public Instruction for special education teachers teaching domestic sewing. It includes informative and easy to comprehend material for students of both sexes with mild to moderate disabilities. The material is developed through varied strategies and activities that relate to the students' daily lives. Units include: (1) selection and purchase of clothing; (2) care of clothing; (3) textile fibers; (4) the sewing machine; (5) sewing eq...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Clothing; Clothing Instruction; Daily Living Skills; Disabilities; Educational Objectives; Elementary Secondary Education; Lesson Plans; Sewing Instruction; Spanish Speaking; Special Education; Teaching Guides; Teaching Methods; Vocational Education
[texts]ERIC ED381940: Integrated Occupational Program: Information Manual for Administrators, Counsellors, and Teachers. Curriculum Standards. - ERIC
The purposes of the Integrated Occupational Program developed for special needs students in grades 8-12 in Alberta (Canada) are to have students become responsible members of society, develop entry-level vocational abilities, and become aware of the need and opportunities for lifelong learning. The focus is on the development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for everyday living at home, in the community, and on the job...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Daily Living Skills; Educational Methods; Foreign Countries; Integrated Curriculum; Interdisciplinary Approach; Lifelong Learning; Partnerships in Education; Program Implementation; School Business Relationship; School Community Programs; Secondary Education; Skill Development; Special Needs Students; Vocational Education
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